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Transforming Robots 311 - Final Animatic

Found out what I want my transformers head to look like. DIamonhead from Ben 10  , Never seen the show but I’ll be using what his base topology looks like to start scultping my transformers head in Zbrush, I wont start doing this until semester break.

Really rough track for my final animatic!

My initial attempt at filming , not sure if im going to use this or not. There is alot of camera shake that Warp Stablilizer VFX can’t really handle. I’ll post again when I figure out to what extend this will need to be cleaned up

Ive purchased a short-term copy of unreal engine 4 , and I am already heavily trained in UDK and find this somewhat similar. I’ll will be taking the models and textures from Dark-City , a unity bundle and attempt to then create my scene within unreal engine 4 , I will then film my takes ,and composite my transformers footage ontop of that.

I went out filming yesterday in the city , and unfortunately to my dismay I couldn’t find anything remotely nice to film. Brisbane city lacks back streets or wide empty roads, ( being a city and all) so I might have to think of another way to get some shots. I’ll begin digging around today as I already have a few new ways of environment construction in mind. I’d still like to get as high quality as possible.

Started working on a face for this guy. Its amazing how much a character is based simply on the face. Really a boost to my progression as I felt like maybe he wouldn’t come out the way I liked but a simple face on there is starting to really form something great.

Animatic Storybook-

A quick revision runthrough for my storyline. I’ve left my microphone while on holiday so I’ve changed the story for now to accomodate the lack of voice over. I haven’t done any sound work yet as I’m still trying to smash out the modelling. Excuse the background effects they are sloppy.

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